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Thanks for your interest in CANADA INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION AND INVESTORS SERVICES ( A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, RCIC, CANADA INTERNATIONAL-IEE Inc. is licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, CCIC, previously known as ICCRC, to practice Canadian immigration law and provide Canadian immigration law consulting services.

CANADA INTERNATIONAL’s head office in Montreal, Canada and has Regional office for North Africa, Middle East and Europe in Casablanca, Morocco

To better serve your needs and evaluate your chances for immigration to Canada, please fill the ONLINE Immigration Initial Assessment Questionnaire FORM. If we require further information to complete the evaluation of your immigration file, we will ask you accordingly.

I want to thank YOU and our clients for their trust and support.

To better assist you, please follow CANADA INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION AND INVESTORS SERVICES set procedures, it makes it more efficient and assist CANADA INTERNATIONAL-IEE Inc. in providing you with better and faster service

If you are interested in applying for immigration to Canada thorough, CANADA INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION AND INVESTORS SERVICES, a division of CANADAINTERNATIONAL-IEE Inc. , please do the following:

1. Please fill the online Initial Assessment Immigration Questionnaire above

2. Please email us your cv and passport copy (for you and spouse if married) to:

3. Please communicate with CANADA INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION AND INVESTORS SERVICES by WhatsApp and/or email

WhatsApp: + 1 450 227 1111

4. Please send your professionally scanned documents by email only to ( NOT by WhatsApp )

5. Please make sure that all documents are professionally scan in PDF format.

6. Due to high demands, we may not be able to answer voice calls , if you are interested in immigration consulting services on Canadian immigration law, please book a consultation session over Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp Video call, consultation fees apply.

7. We welcome YOU

Thank YOU, We are looking forward to working with you and servicing your immigration, education and investment needs in Canada